Friends of Pride of Sefton

The Pride of Sefton have a number of Friends who we would like to thank for their support:-

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council          *          StepClever          *          Mr Albert Gubay          *          SSDT                           Southport Lions Club         *           LiVe Sefton          *          Peel Holdings          *           LHT

             Mr Jim Davies          *          Pauline McGee & Tony Harrison           *         Rimrose Carpets, Bootle

Who are we?

The Pride of Sefton is a registered charity (No. 1144393) and limited company (No. 7020791).  

History of Pride of Sefton

The concept of the Pride of Sefton started at Birkenhead in 1981 and our first boat, Pride 1, was completed by the apprentices at Cammell Laird shipyard in 1982.  The boat was named in December 1982 by HRH Prince Charles and the late Diana Princess of Wales in recognition and appreciation for all the hard work done by the people of Sefton.

The Pride of Sefton 2 was built in 2009/2010 and launched by Sefton Councillor Peter Dowd on 23rd July 2010.  The ageing Pride of Sefton 1 was sold in 2013.

Pride of Sefton 2 continues to offer free trips to under-priviliged and disabled people as well as educational trips for the local community.  These trips are financed through a combination of donations, grants and commercial trips made available to the general public.

​Pride of Sefton is a Registered Charity, No. 1144393.    Registered Company No. 7020791 (England & Wales)

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