Leeds and Liverpool Canal

There are many different sights and sounds along the 127 miles of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.  Over time, the canal has changed from a working canal to a tourism trail.  Come and meander with us on Pride of Sefton 2 through some beautiful countryside of Sefton, and cruise through South Sefton and the wonderful Eldonian Village towards the iconic Liverpool Link.

The Leeds and Liverpool canal took 46 years to build.  A famous canal engineer, James Brindley, surveyed the proposed route for the canal in 1768.  An Act of Parliament was passed in 1770 to allow the canal to be built.  A lock-free section was opened between Skipton and Bingley in 1773.  It was four years later that sections of the canal were built and opened near to Liverpool and Leeds.  However, worked stopped on the canal in 1777 due to lack of money.

Work re-commenced in 1792 and the route changed to run via Burnley and Blackburn, and the full canal was finally opened in 1816.  The Liverpool Link into the docks was opened in 2009.

Liverpool Docks

During the summer months we occasionally travel to the Liverpool docks to offer trips around the Salthouse, Brunswick and Albert Docks.  Watch out for details of the dates for our next visit.



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